Visit New Mexico

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If you haven’t experienced New Mexico yet, you’re missing out. With hundreds of things to see and thousands of things to do, the potential for discovery is endless. From 2,000 year old pueblo cultures to cutting-edge scientific installations, there is something for everyone.

The state’s history is populated by some of the most famous names in history: Pancho Villa, Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett, Georgia O’Keeffe, Ansel Adams, Robert J. Oppenheimer, John Chisum, Robert Goddard, Geronimo, and many others have left their mark. The romance of the Old West mingles with timeless Spanish and Native American traditions throughout the state.

Choose one of the state’s many scenic byways and lose yourself in the mountains, deserts, and valleys. Visit ancient ruins, quaint art communities nestled in the hill country, railroad towns, forgotten missions, plus multiple national and state parks and monuments along the way.

Go where you want, do what you want. It’s all waiting for you. Never settle. It’s better out here.